Monday, February 2, 2009

Cloud Computing Definition

William Hurley's post about the need to have a common definition for Cloud Computing made me think for a couple of days; particularly this quote:
"What matters is whether or not the community can get together, collaborate on a definition, and support that definition."
To me Cloud Computing is the most disruptive technology of the past 10 years (wireless communications was the previous one) and contrary to popular wisdom, the lack of a common definition will not hamper its evolution nor its adoption.

For many years the Internet was just as difficult to define but its clarity and effectiveness took the world by storm. Cloud Computing will be the same. The Cloud will continue to find its way into our every day life, at home and at work. Call it Gmail, AWS, Twitter, GAE or Virtualization. Individuals and businesses of any size will be convinced by the Cloud's simplicity, efficiency and economics.

While Vendors, Press and Analysts might struggle a bit, the Cloud will continue to impact the way we communicate and process information. We are witnessing a technology tsunami. It is here to stay and it needs no formal definition. 

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