Friday, July 31, 2009

Gartner and the Cloud

Back in may there was some controversy with the estimates by Gartner of the Cloud Computing market size. Earlier this month Gartner announced the results of a survey of SaaS users where findings did not exactly provide a ringing endorsement of SaaS. Needless to say these results also caused controversy and a very articulate response from Jeff Kaplan from THINKstrategies.

Gartner's press release of the SaaS survey mentions that TCO, ease of integration and technical requirements are challenges faced by SaaS solutions. No surprise. And that is why when I look at the most successful SaaS company in the planet I can understand that success is never a coincidence.'s is a true role model for Cloud Computing and SaaS startups. Ten years ago they understood the importance of technology integrity, innovation and excellent customer service.

When it comes to the future, I prefer to focus on the ones that are shaping it and not just talking about it.

More Blue Analytics

IBM continues to position itself as the absolute leader in Business Analytics and Optimization. With the acquisition of SPSS IBM has the deepest portfolio of products and services available under one roof. Oracle also has quality products but it lacks IBM's depth in Business Consulting. On the other hand SAS software and consulting is top notch but IBM's offering is superior because it can enhance its analytics platform with database, hardware and decision management software. It is almost too much for a single company to handle effectively. For sure some new buyers will be concerned with vendor lock-in but I believe most IBM customers will be glad to have access to all of these capabilities from a trusted advisor.

While Cloud Computing has grabbed most of the headlines this year, the developments in Predictive Analytics should not be ignored. I am convinced that the intersection of Cloud Computing and Predictive Analytics will provide the perfect stage for the future of business innovations.