Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekly Roundup

These are the headlines that caught my attention this past week:
  • Sun announces Cloud Computing Service. This is a somewhat late entry from a struggling company. I look forward to more details; I think they face an uphill battle against more established players like AMZN and GOOG and against more recent offerings from IBM and MSFT.
  • Mosso puts pressure on the pricing of cloud storage and content delivery, directly challenging Amazon. I don't know how these services compare but I am sure Mosso will not be the last vendor to go after AMZN with aggressive pricing. I have never been a big fan of competing on price in a market that is still so young. I would rather see additional functionality be the key differentiator. Particularly when there are so many opportunities to innovate. I hope this is not a sign that the Mosso team is running low on ideas.

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