Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today Google dominated the spotlight with with the announcement of Google Wave. The idea and implementation appear superb while the approach to open a lot of its code is very intriguing. However what I found just as important was HTML5 and how much Google is embracing it.

Google has an impressive portfolio of APIs and products for developers. They have created and embraced a large number of open standards and are working hard to bring everything together as a comprehensive platform. A platform that depends heavily on the support by "Modern Open Source Browsers" of HTML5 and Javascript.

Microsoft has a dominant footprint in the enterprise and Silverlight continues to gain popularity. Adobe's Flash is as ubiquitous as HTML and Flex is also gaining momentum. But I when I look at the power and simplicity of Google's App Engine, along with the dozens of open APIs (from visualization to online analytics to documents scripting) it is hard to believe that the status quou will resist this powerful 'wave' of innovation. 

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