Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, Amazon strikes again. MapReduce (Hadoop) on demand. Although AMZN already offered some Hadoop pre-configured AMIs, the simplicity of this new packaging makes it much easier. Furthermore, it is synergistic with EC2 and S3.

I have been using Amazon Web Services for close to a year now and they continue to surpass my expectations. I wouldn't be surprised if AMZN spun off AWS and filed for an IPO sometime next year. It is not easy to isolate AWS's revenues from AMZN financial statements but with customers in 96 countries and a super scalable business model I have to believe this is a cash machine for them. These folks are brilliant. 

Many people often relate the Cloud to pure storage and CPUs as in pure hosting. AMZN goes up one level and provides application services. SimpleDB and SQS are good examples, now Elastic Map Reduce is another one. These are higher level application services on demand, industrial strength and world class.

A quote from Spiderman comes to mind: "... with great power comes great responsibility". What would you do with all this power?

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